Thursday, August 20, 2009

I've been blogging more than you know . . .

It dawned on me that, despite my infrequent posting here at "The Face of the Other," I've actually been doing a fair amount of blogging. Mostly it's been at another of my blogs: I started that blog originally with the idea of writing something before last November's election but only to be read by others after the election. (Hence the "secret memo" title.) But despite a couple of political comments, actually posted after the election, I've mainly used "Secret Memo" as a place to put random posts that I may or may not want everyone to read.

So I'm finally going to open the doors on this secretive corner of my blog life and list some of my recent posts there:

"The Conspiracy Theory Mentality" (check it out and see--if you dare!)

"False Claim about ACLU" (this copies an e-mail I wrote to a friend who wanted me to pass along an e-mail he had gotten about some terrible things the ACLU supposedly wanted to do)

"Instruments of the Lord's Peace" (actually an LDS General Conference talk that I like to refer people to--one of the best discussions of the topic I've ever seen, by the way)

"Heaven and Hell" (copy of a comment I put on a blog post at "Times and Seasons": I discuss, briefly and with quotations from C. S. Lewis, why there's a hell, whether it's eternal, whether redemption from hell is possible, what essentially life in heaven and hell might mean, whether heaven includes or allows for association with friends and family, and how different heaven might be from life as we know it here--remember, I said "briefly")

"A comment on biblical criticism" (copy of my comment on a blog post written by a very nice evangelical Christian, who happens to be married to a Mormon--her blog post is actually a paper she wrote for a class at BYU)

"Politics--where do I fit on the spectrum" (musings provoked by an exchange with a relative of mine on facebook--proving that everything eventually ends up where it started)

"TWILIGHT: The short version" (one of my favorites--this is a brilliant and hilarious satire written by Eric Snider)

In addition, you'll find lots of earlier posts at "Secret Memo" on such subjects as my sister Lynda; President Obama's birth certificate; evolution and the LDS Church; things to see in Oxford, England; excerpts from the e-mails I wrote home while in England during the summer of 2008; and the flubbing of the oath of office at the presidential inauguration.

Click and enjoy!

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