Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Margaret's documentary

As many of you know, Margaret has been working with Darius Gray and others on a documentary titled Nobody Knows: The Untold Story of Black Mormons. Though so far I've only seen the trailer (actually a couple of versions of it), I can testify that it's a remarkable piece. Here's Margaret's report: "We are nearly there. We have a fine musician doing some scoring now, and have a few more days of edits ahead of us, but we will be entering this documentary into a competiton on Oct. 5. We have taken it from 70 hours of interviews to 70 MINUTES."

To see the trailer, go to this link:

Prepare to be inspired!


Kaila said...

Incredible, I'm so proud of my mom!

mjby said...

I'm proud of my daughter[s].

Bruce, Michael and I just got back from the temple. I'm jotting this down on Dad's blog so that we have a record.

Dad helped perform baptisms; Michael was baptized for several deceased persons. I did initiatory.

I can't remember a more beautiful evening.

As I left the temple, I saw Michael and Bruce, illuminated by a magnificent gold sunset. They were standing amidst the petunias, salvia, and canna which the temple groundskeepers arrange so beautifully. Both were dressed in their Sunday best, of course.

Walking towards them was like walking into Heaven.

I love the temple. I am so grateful for what it means to all of us.

I remembered being with my oldest daughter the day she was endowed, and then the day she was married. These are the sweetest memories I'll take with me. Not the documentaries I made or the books I wrote, but the moments I talked to Kaila in the bride's room about what the endowment means to me.

I suspect I'll have another such moment sometime this year.

And in three years, I hope that all of our family (no exceptions) come to the temple for Michael's endowment, before he leaves on his mission.

mjby said...

Sept. 27th, 2007: Bruce is working on his book. I am so proud of him. I would tell him where I posted a blog comment about parental blessings and talked about him, but I don't want to distract him.

jaybs said...

Bruce - The trailer for the "Documentary" looks superb! - I just can't wait to see the full finished product.

It is such a Gift sharing the journey with Margaret and Darius, their books, Margaret's first DVD and now "Nobody Knows: The Untold Story of Black Mormons"

Margaret had told me it was going to be shown at a Movie Festival on the 5th October, any news how that went please.


mjby said...

Hello John!
This is from Margaret.
The Pan African Festival postponed its deadline again until Oct. 24th. But we are fully prepared. In fact, Bruce and I watched it last night. There are a couple of places which need just a touch, but we feel very good about it. We won't know the results from Pan African for several months.

jaybs said...

Hello Margaret

Many Thanks! for the information.


biggins said...

When and where is the Pan African Festival going to be happening? Is it open to the public? I can't wait to see this movie...

jaybs said...

I understand that submission are now being accepted until the 24th October and those that are accepted will be announced around the 15th November with the Film Festival itself taking place in Los Angeles February 2008.