Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Current events

A quick list of some current happenings chez nous and in the environs:
  • (Tues., Apr. 17:) Margaret and I had an interview at the MTC we'll tell you about shortly.
  • (Wed., Apr. 18:) Misha had tutoring from a new math tutor, Nancy Krause.
  • (Thurs., Apr. 19:) We spent the evening with the Lifferths, Noah taking an exam while the rest of us ate fabulous muffins and cookies made by Kaila.
  • (Fri., Apr. 19:) Margaret and I went to book group at Lynn and Lenore Davis's to discuss Misquoting Jesus. For those interested in New Testament textual studies, I'll soon be giving you more on the book and the book group meetinig, with attached handouts responding to some of the author's claims about specific New Testament passages--and I'll explain how reading his book has helped increase my faith.
  • (Sat., Apr. 20:) Temple, shopping, and housecleaning (more or less the usual).
  • (Sun., Apr. 21:) I sat with my family in church!!! Misha and I visited two of the people we are assigned to home teach.
  • (Mon., Apr. 23--Shakespeare's birthday!:) I gave a final exam at 7:00 a.m. for the class I took over the last couple of weeks because of the teacher's illness.
       Don't worry--you won't be getting a weekly travelogue from now on. I thought, just for once, I'd give a snapshot of our lives. But mainly this is a reminder of some things I'll expand on when I have the time--and when the time is right.

    ~Rob~ said...

    Yay! That was a great snapshot.

    So, you got Misha another cute tutor to keep him focused? Good move.

    the wife said...

    Misha's new tutor is married.
    Bruce, you neglected to tell what we ate during the week. I thought the salmon was particularly good. We did NOT have brownie pudding cake, though Bruce had some intentions of making it. We might have some next Sunday. Keep checking in and we'll let you know!

    Bruce Young said...

    Actually there's a LOT I left out, like my working on my book and "the wife's" and my nightly watching of The Gospel of John, a very nicely made film that gives the complete and pretty much unmodified text in modernized form. At the same time, it's well acted and has high energy and historical authenticity. Besides our usual reading of the Book of Mormon IN SPANISH with the kids at night, Margaret and I have started doing some reading in French (Book of Mormon for the time being). And we had a delightful home evening on Monday.

    You know, I'll just have to let Margaret keep you posted on what we eat every day.

    bruce young said...

    And I should add that Rob visited us Tuesday evening. Hurray!

    the wife said...

    My breakfast: Raisin bran with banana slices. Hot chocolate (my husband makes it for me every morning.)

    Bruce's breakfast: Cereal and yogurt (the norm)

    Lunch will be at the MOA cafeteria. I don't know what dinner will be. I usually get my inspiration at 5:45, fifteen minutes before I'm supposed to have it on the table.

    the hubbie said...

    In the interest of insanely detailed accuracy: We ended up at the food court instead of the Museum of Art (scheduled for another event) and had 5-Buck Pizza for supper.

    Best wife said...

    AND we got our missionary tags and had eclairs and cake and brownie sundaes yesterday, obviously celebrating a "last hurrah" before we become rigidly NON-gluttonous members of the MTC family.
    TOMORROW (Sunday April 29) begins our service in the MTC.