Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Going to San Diego

I'm still looking forward to hearing from Misha about the Clapton concert. But since life is moving on, I thought I'd give a progress report. I've had votes for a variety of topics. It will be easy to talk about sonnets, chocolate, and the classes I'll be teaching this coming year. I also need to talk about the book I'm writing (publisher's deadline is October 1). But I will get back to Groundhog Day soon. I know there's interest out there, and I really want to get my ideas down because Plato, Levinas, and that movie are wonderfully, mutually illuminating and because what they (together) reveal is a crucial lesson of life. (Am I pushing this too hard? I don't think so.)

Meanwhile, though, I'm leaving for a conference on Thursday: the Shakespeare Association of America meetings, held in San Diego this year. I'll get to do lots of interesting things, including see a new film by Kenneth Branagh. I'll give a report when I get back.

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Margaret Young said...

We missed you