Tuesday, August 28, 2007

End of the summer; start of school

Well, the inevitable has happened: summer is coming to an end; school is starting. Misha has already started into his second year at Provo High. Beginning of school meetings are now taking place at BYU.

I will give a bit of report shortly on the events of today (August 28) as well as a preview of things to come. For now, I just want to thank everybody who gathered, and especially my sister Lynda, who brought my parents.

And the meetings--considering that they are meetings--have been pretty good so far, especially, I'd have to say, the meeting this afternoon. John Tanner did it again. I'm still recovering from the emotions his talk--the last part especially--prompted.

I've added a comment that explains what took place on August 28 (and gives the wording of the "citation"). At some point I'll add a link to John Tanner's talk, when that's available.


Bruce Young said...

Here's what happened: August 28 was the first main day of the Annual University Conference at BYU. Margaret and I went to the outdoor breakfast for faculty and staff and then to the opening session of the conference, where I sat on the stand while Margaret, my sister Lynda, my parents, and Margaret's parents sat in reserved seats on the Marriott Center floor.

I was one of about five dozen people being honored; I was one of three who received the "Karl G. Maeser General Education Professorship" ("This award encourages and acknowledges truly outstanding contributions to undergraduate general education and honors by faculty who have actively pursued their scholarly interests and also provided services to the university community").

My personal citation read as follows: "Professor Young not only encourages academic rigor but also helps others experience the joy and personal growth inherent to literature and drama. Since joining the BYU English Department in 1983, he has taught classes on Shakespeare, world literature, C. S. Lewis, and an experimental Great Works course. Currently completing a book entitled Family Life in the Age of Shakespeare, Professor Young has shared his love of the Bard with many audiences, leading tours to the Utah Shakespearean Festival, serving as dramaturge for a BYU production of The Winter's Tale, introducing Shakespearean films at the International Cinema, taking part in KBYU-FM's About Shakespeare series, and teaching Shakespeare courses for majors, non-majors, and graduate students."

I don't want to seem ungrateful, but I take exception to a couple of items in the citation. I've been told by people I trust that the word should be "dramaturg" (not "dramaturge"). Of course, since few people know what it means, it doesn't really matter. The other thing is that I never (at least in the normal course of things) refer to Shakespeare as "The Bard," for reasons I can explain later. Oh well.

Anyway, the fellowship is very, very nice, and I'm grateful to have been recognized. When I first found out, I told my 16-year-old son, "I don't really deserve this." He said, "Well, you should have worked harder." Well put.

anonymous said...

Great line!
Will you be doing a separate blog on your wife's documentary? I can hardly wait!

red-headed snuggler said...

Nobody could have deserved it more. You are a truly a gentleman and a scholar. And a dang good date.