Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Inaugural festivities with the Youngs

I'll expand this later, adding some more photos, for instance, but wanted to be sure to get this picture up: a photo of Margaret and me at an inaugural ball--right here in Provo, Utah. About 200 attended.

It was on a Monday evening, the night before the inauguration, and included lots of the glitterati (?) of Provo. Actually, it included lots of good, ordinary folks, but we dressed up for the occasion. It was held at a cafe on University Avenue in Provo, with the tables moved out for the occasion so more people could fit. But it was still VERY crowded. (Besides all the revelers, there was a band--old big band style--with about a dozen members, playing away and making it hard to hear.) Luckily, two other spots near the cafe, including an art gallery, were opened up so we could take breaks in quieter and less crowded settings.

Everyone who wanted was able to have their picture taken with Barack (soon to be President Obama). We also had a toast, with sparkling non-alcoholic something or other. The organizer, Stirling Adams, offered the toast, which you can read by clicking here: inaugural toast.

The next day, Margaret and I were moved and sobered to witness the inaugration of a new president. Margaret viewed it at a gathering at Calvary Baptist Church. I viewed and listened on TV and the Internet in my office. At some point, I'll add some links to pictures of the inaugration, the text of the new president's speech, and thoughts I had--thoughts related to my country, the world, my extended family, my faith, and lots of other things. I had recorded the inauguration and associated events. Over the next few weeks, Margaret and I watched and rewatched many parts of the events. Once again, taking part in these historic events was a profoundly stirring, inspiring, and sobering experience. (And there were some lighter moments, too--on which I'll also comment.)

Reactions from LDS Church leaders:
Inaugural address:
Photos: http://www.npr.org/multimedia/2009/01/inauguration_swearing_in/index.html/
My comments on the oath of office: http://secret-memo.blogspot.com/2009/01/stumbling-on-oath-of-office.html
The famous birth certificate: http://secret-memo.blogspot.com/2009/02/president-obamas-birth-certificate.html


dramatic sporano said...

Two good looking men--but I spent the night with BRUCE.

Bruce Young said...

Bruce is the one on the left--but like Obama, he and Margaret are both trying to keep pretty close to the middle.

Julie Young said...

LOVE it. (ps: was searching "provo orem photography" and your blog was in the list, random?) Obama makes my life complete.